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Jamie's 5th Grade Graduation

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Today Jamie graduated 5th grade and we're getting him fitted for his orchestra instrument for junior high school later on. Oh, and I am a crispy critter (thanks to my lack of tanning abilities).

The graduation festivities began at 8:30 this morning with a breakfast for the families. There was a slide presentation being shown at the same time we ate. It was really nice, at the end they showed all the baby pictures and 5th grade school pictures of all the 5th graders. Afterward we did the graduation ceremony itself. Each 5th grader got called up to the front and shook hands with their teacher and principal then got their diploma (I was something all rolled into a tube and tied shut). Afterward the kids sang Celebration by Kool and the Gang for the parents then did their school's motto (or whatever) as a chant and filed out. Later on it turned out that what was rolled into the tube was a colour coordinated t-shirt (each of the four classes had their own colour). On the front it said "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" and on the back it said "We don't think so! Commerce Elementary Class 2007". The kids all met outside in front of the media center for a full class (of 2007) photo and individual class (room) photos. Then it was back in to their classrooms for some instructions on the rest of the day.

At this point I left to go pick up Andrew from the babysitter because it was then that I realized that this was going to be an all day event.

When I got back Jamie was in the classroom next door to his room. Every kid had gotten a new backpack (one of those ones that isn't real heavy duty but you can carry light stuff around in). In the backpack was an envelope with a bunch of freebie goodies in it (a kids dinner at Red Robin, ice cream at the Dairy Queen, fries from McDonald's, etc) and a sharpie marker so they could sign each others' shirts. The reason Jamie was in the room next door was because most of the other kids were going from their Kindergarten through 4th grade rooms and saying good-bye to their former teachers. Jamie didn't start there until 4th grade so he didn't have anywhere to go so he had to go to the room next door, until they called 4th grade. After that was done we headed back to his classroom for a few minutes before heading outside to the "carnival".

The carnival was 2 inflated bouncy "rides" (a house and an obstacle course), several games (skeeball, frog flipper, balloon blow up race, etc), karaoke, a balloon object maker guy, a card trick guy, sandy candy, cotton candy, ice cream, airbrush tattoos, and (for the grand finale) human ice cream sundae.

Before all that got started we had an outdoor picnic. You had your choice of hot dog, Wendy's hamburger, or Wendy's chicken nuggets, Cheetos or Doritos, and 2 kinds of brownies from Panera! And water or orange drink.We had a great time and I took tons of pictures (especially of the human sundae made from Jamie's teacher, Mr. Bison). Needless to say I'm a crispy critter on my shoulders from the sun! :( I came home and showered (I thought I smelled like dirt from being out on the playground all day) and put some aloe stuff on my burn but it still is stinging to this moment... :( I can feel the heat radiating off my shoulders right now. Oh well, I'll survive.

Here are some photo highlights:

Jamie shaking hands with Mr. Graham, the principal. His teacher, Mr. Bison is on the right.

5th Grade class photo.

Mr. Bison a.k.a. Human Sundae.

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