Tuesday, October 22, 2013

She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain

Aside from some nasty coughing fits, I'm finally beginning to feel human again.  :)  I spent the weekend working a craft show with my mom and both days she'd put her hand on my forehead and tell me I had a fever and should go home and rest.  I kept telling her that her hands were cold and she needed to compare my forehead to someone else's because, although I felt tired a lot of the time, I was pretty much fine.  I did stick it out and was fine (I think the tiredness can be attributed to being bored more than anything else - it wasn't an overwhelmingly busy show).  

The crowning moment of the weekend was when I went out to get my car so we could load up after the show ended and I found that I had a VERY flat front passenger tire!  Fortunately, I have roadside assistance and they came out (fairly quickly) and changed my tire to the spare AND added air to it, all at no cost to me!  It's a good thing I had coverage through my insurance because there wasn't a jack in the car at all!  I wonder where it went...

I returned to work Sunday night, after a week off, thanks to that bug I picked up.  Each night at work has been getting better and I've been having more energy, definitely a plus.  I'm even coughing less each night.  YAY!!

Now to finish my Halloween costume, finish the child's costume and move on in to November...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Did Anyone Get The Number Of That Bus?

Ugh!  I've been sick for 4 days now.  :( 

It started off as a sore throat that I mistook as being irritated because I thought I was really thirsty but realized it was something else after I drank something and it didn't fix the problem.  Since then I've developed a horrible, painful cough, tremendously runny/stuffy nose, dizziness, stuffy ears, swollen and painful lymph glands in my neck... I'm a wreck!  :(