Tuesday, October 22, 2013

She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain

Aside from some nasty coughing fits, I'm finally beginning to feel human again.  :)  I spent the weekend working a craft show with my mom and both days she'd put her hand on my forehead and tell me I had a fever and should go home and rest.  I kept telling her that her hands were cold and she needed to compare my forehead to someone else's because, although I felt tired a lot of the time, I was pretty much fine.  I did stick it out and was fine (I think the tiredness can be attributed to being bored more than anything else - it wasn't an overwhelmingly busy show).  

The crowning moment of the weekend was when I went out to get my car so we could load up after the show ended and I found that I had a VERY flat front passenger tire!  Fortunately, I have roadside assistance and they came out (fairly quickly) and changed my tire to the spare AND added air to it, all at no cost to me!  It's a good thing I had coverage through my insurance because there wasn't a jack in the car at all!  I wonder where it went...

I returned to work Sunday night, after a week off, thanks to that bug I picked up.  Each night at work has been getting better and I've been having more energy, definitely a plus.  I'm even coughing less each night.  YAY!!

Now to finish my Halloween costume, finish the child's costume and move on in to November...

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