Monday, July 7, 2008

No, I didn't fall off Earth!

Ok, so where have I been? I know it's been almost literally 3 months (to the day) since I last posted, right?! So much has happened...

  • My dad turned 62
  • Mother's day came and went
  • My youngest went to story hour at his (upcoming) new school and went on his first school bus ride
  • My sister came home from San Diego in preparation for her wedding
  • My oldest performed in his last school orchestra concert for the year
  • My sister's fiancee came home from San Diego (he's in the Navy and couldn't get an earlier leave)
  • Amber and Nick had their bachelor/bachelorette parties - Tiger's game/hang out at the maid of honor's then everyone got together to bar hop
  • We had the rehearsal and dinner afterward at Nick's mom's house - for the record DeLuca's Pizza in East Lansing is the most AMAZING pizza I've EVER had!!!
  • Amber and Nick got married and we partied the night away - it was super fun and everyone looked awesome
  • Memorial Day came and went
  • My oldest friend (since 2nd grade) had her birthday party - we all went to see the Sex and the City movie - it was good.
  • The Wings won the Stanley Cup!!!
  • My youngest met with one of the kindergarten teachers and had a little pre-school testing - I don't know how things went but I assume he's a smart kid.
  • The school year ended
  • Andrew, Sandie (my oldest friend), and I went to the parade for the Red Wings
  • The whole family went to a Tiger's game (thanks Aunt Jamie-girl for hookin' us up with your neighbor and his season tix!!!) - the Stanley Cup made an appearance there!!!
  • A nasty storm happened and we were without power for 5 days - that sucked!
  • Father's day came and went
  • The first day of summer arrived
  • My dad's nephew got married - Hawaiian casual theme - I've never been to any wedding like it before...
  • All of us (including my parents and brother) except Jason went downtown to the fireworks for the International Freedom Festival
  • Independence day came and went
And that about sums it up. In the short and sweet version. I suppose I should post some photos from some of the more significant things that went on during my absence. So here ya go....

From the Wings Parade:

Mickey Redmond

Steve Yzerman

Scotty Bowman

Mike Babcock

Gordie Howe

The Campbell Cup

Chris Chelios

Kris Draper

Nick Lidstrom & Stanley Cup

From the wedding:

Andrew was given free use of the mic for a bit and sang along to "Blitzkrieg Bop" by the Ramones and "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand. It was so cute.

Here's the whole bridal party

Here's my favourite photo from the wedding

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