Sunday, August 24, 2008

Movers & Winners

Brent got a new job that involved him moving to Indiana to live. Jamie was recruited by the grandparents to help move him. They left Friday afternoon (they should be home in about an hour). Meanwhile Jason, Andrew and I were recruited to take care of Kenny, Brent's dog, who had to stay behind with the my parents because it would have cost a lot more for Brent's apartment (including a NON refundable $200 deposit that wasn't part of the security deposit).

I picked up Kenny after work on Friday and brought him home with me. Needless to say, it totally freaked out Oliver, our cat (and only pet for the last 5 years, not counting the fish). Poor Oliver, he hid the whole time!

Today, we took Kenny back to my parents' house. We went off to a family fun fair day at a new urgent care center nearby. I know, it sounds strange that an urgent care facility would have a family fun fair and I'm sure you're envisioning booths full of medical information and silly things like that but that's not quite how it went. 

They had a few tables around from a few medical facilities - a urology center, a pain center, stuff like that - but they also had a local musical facility that taught instruments (guitar, drums, bass, piano, etc.) and they were showcasing their students who were playing music for us while we milled around letting Andrew play on the blow up structures (slides, bouncy houses, etc.) and stood in lines for ice cream, Andiamo's pasta, hot dogs/chips/soda/water, sno cones, cotton candy, and popcorn. We also had Andrew put into the Identakid program. They photographed him and fingerprinted him and we'll be able to pick up the ID card in a couple weeks. While we waited for all that to happen I signed up for a raffle to win a kids' bicycle (I'd also signed up to win a Darren McCarty jersey as well).

On our way home from the festival I got a call from "private". I don't answer those because they're probably telemarketers, so I just pushed "ignore" on my phone. When we got home I realized that I had a voicemail. I checked it and was informed that we won the bike!!! Needless to say Andrew was excited. We picked it up from the lady who ran the Identakid program and it's now sitting in front of our house waiting for its first ride.

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