Thursday, January 8, 2009

He's a rocker, dude, through and through

I believe I forgot to mention in my last posting that Andrew performed his first mini "concert" a couple weeks ago. It was the Sunday after Christmas and he'd gone to church (as usual) with my parents and my brother who was visiting from Indiana.  After church Brent picked me up (along with Andrew's guitar, amp, and cord) and we went to the place where everyone meets up for breakfast. Andrew had been telling the waitresses for months about his guitar playing and they wanted to hear just how good he really is. They said it would be ok for him to bring his guitar and play. I guess they didn't know that he plays a full size electric guitar, not an acoustic.

So Brent and I haul in Andrew's gear and they allow us to plug him in (so long as he doesn't turn it up too loud - but even at it's lowest, it was a little loud). He rocked The Village Restaurant like no other 5 year old could! One girl was even recording him on her cell phone. The whole place clapped when he was done. It was awesome!

Now, on to the main reason for this post. As I'd previously mentioned, Andrew auditioned and was accepted for his school's talent show. He's gonna rock! I just know it (and this isn't the biased mother talking - he's really incredible).

The talent show is in two weeks. He and I still have to go over what he's going to wear and he still needs to polish up his work on the fast parts of the songs he's playing. Otherwise, he's all set.

I can't wait to see him up on the stage at the high school. I just know it's going to blow every one's minds when they hear how good he is.

Come to the show, you WON'T be disappointed!  Message me if you're interested...

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