Thursday, January 8, 2009


Frustration abounds. My work is annoying me. I understand the economy is bad so my hours will be cut, that's the nature of this business. I worked ONE day (yes you read that right) this week. I don't have any days next week. This sucks. I couldn't get a hold of my boss to discuss this with him today so now I have to wait until Monday to try to track him down. If that doesn't work, I'm calling his cell phone.

Other than that, I've just been adding to my already insane workload at home. This week went like this:

Monday - no work
Tuesday - no work, help with the elementary school's talent show auditions (Andrew auditioned and made it) - auditions that ended up running an HOUR behind! Came home at 9 pm.
Wednesday - run to grocery store to return bottles, mail 3 packages for Jason at UPS store, meet up with Dad and get supplies from Home Depot for PTA sandwich board sign, MAKE sandwich board sign, prime sign, leave to go to work but end up chasing Dad's dog, Buddy, who got out of the yard, convince him to get in car, drive him back to parents' house and put him IN the house, leave for work (slightly late, I was supposed to be there at 11 am), come home and make dinner, get it in the oven and leave for PTA meeting at 7 pm, end up volunteering to chair (yet another) activity for the PTA (I already head up the Leo's Night fundraiser - what the sandwich board is for - and co-chair the talent show), come home at 9 pm, again.
Thursday - no work, meet up with Jason at his work for lunch and get my new shoes, come home at 2 pm, start cataloging and alphabetizing the DVDs (we always wanted them in a list so we could know what we had at a glace and I got tired of searching for DVDs when I wanted to watch something specific), start dinner and get it in the oven, leave for the local historical society meeting at 7 pm, end up volunteering to be the events committee chairperson and take care of putting up a billboard at the local Wal-Mart about the historical Society (as soon as possible, no less!), get home by 9 pm

Crazy huh? Tomorrow Jamie has a doctor appointment at 9:30 am and Andrew has a guitar lesson at 6 pm. The fun never stops. And apparently, neither do I!

Here's yet another thing I'll be doing: I'm going to go to "school"! My wonderful parentals have graciously volunteered to fund my 3 week schooling to become a certified nurse aide. The classes are in February. It's going to be interesting to see how this works out. If I'm still employed by my current (lack of) employer they should be able to work with my 9-3:30 class schedule, if I'm not I'll have to resort to the glamorous world of fast food (or something like that) until I can find decent work with my new certification (I don't expect that to be difficult).

Looks like 2009 is shaping up to be the year of insanity!

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Jason - W8ZZU said...

Retail job is always better than fast food.. :)