Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I give up!

The house viewing never happened. It was too late on Saturday when I told Jason about it. Sunday I was asked to pick up my mom from the airport so we couldn't do it then either and so far this week it hasn't happened.

I brought up the subject again today and Jason wasn't into it. He complained that he didn't want to move and he didn't want to move to the town that the house is in. I just can't seem to get him to realize that this is a HOUSE, it's not connected to another house (like a duplex) or several houses (like a condo or apartment), it comes with clearly defined boundaries so you don't have to worry about infringing on someone-else's half of a yard or shed or hall or... so on.

I don't think he can see past "move". He's hung up on costs - which should be a lot less than they were when we last moved since I don't think we'd need to rent a van like we did when we moved here. This move would be shorter than the last one, distance-wise. We'd have use of my brother's pick up and my parents' mini-van (with removable seats).

Anyway, all of this means nothing because I've given up. I'm not bringing the subject up anymore. I'll just sit by and patiently wait until HE wants to move, if that day ever comes.

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