Saturday, April 5, 2008

A move? Maybe?!?

For the last couple weeks, every time I'm on my way to work I've been seeing a "for rent" sign for a house. I kept thinking the sign listed the price in the $600 range and I thought I was insane for seeing that. Nothing around here, no house, unless it's tremendously ghetto, would be rented for that small a price. However, on my way home from work today I remembered to stop and look at the sign. It really does say that there's a 2 bedroom house (yes, HOUSE) with central air, washer, dryer, stove, and fridge for...get this...$695!!! That's less that what I pay in rent where I am now!! Where I am now is a duplex (in case you missed that post).

I checked out the house. It's at the very end of a dirt road, nestled in a little subdivision-like area. It's right around the corner from my parents' house, but closer to them than we are now (something in the neighbourhood of 1/2 a mile instead of the 2 miles we are now).

Granted, the street was FULL of potholes and really treacherous to drive down, BUT... the next street over is paved. That means you can avoid some of the crappy dirt road potholes if you turn toward the north instead of following the street out to the main road. Anyway, I digress.

Back to the house... It looked to be a smallish possibly 2 story home. There didn't appear to be a garage but maybe there is something like a shed in the backyard (I didn't hang around too long inspecting). I couldn't tell if it had a basement or not. If it does, that's a HUGE bonus. If not, no biggie. The yard isn't fenced but that's not a big deal. The one thing I immediately noticed after I found it was that one side backs up to trees with more trees beyond them, it's possibly a great set up for amateur radio antennas!

I mentioned my discovery to Jason today and he said we'd check it out. I'm pretty geeked. I'd MUCH rather live in a HOUSE than a duplex or apartment. Even if we don't own it, it's a HOUSE!!! And it's in the school district that we're currently in. Jamie wouldn't have to change schools (although he'll have a fit if we do end up moving away from his precious fishing lake), only Andrew would go to a different school. But that's not a problem, he hasn't even started school yet.

Jason claims I'm a nomad (we have done quite a bit of moving in the last 10 years). I just hope he likes the place and is willing to investigate further into it. And I hope it's not a dump of some kind...

If it sucks, there's also a rent to own place a couple streets down....

I'll keep you posted... :)

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