Thursday, April 3, 2008


Today at work I was setting tables when the lead resident assistant came through the room. She mentioned that the main dining room had an extra table they wanted to get rid of and that we should move one of the bigger tables to a new spot because there were too many people at a smaller table. I asked if she wanted to take care of it right away and she said yes so we swapped the big table and the smaller table (just for reference - the smaller table was HEAVIER than the bigger table, how insane is that?!). Then we went and got the flatbed to move the extra table from the main dining room. That table was the same size and heavier weight as the one from our dining room, we tried to turn it on end to put it on the flatbed but it was too heavy. In the process of turning it I'd grabbed the bottom of the table and managed to attempt to tear my right thumbnail off. It snagged on the ragged underside of the bottom of the table and when it snagged it didn't want to let go. The nail never broke or tore off but I did bleed a little under the nail, as you can see here:

See under the white tip on the left side that reddish brownish marking? That's the dried up blood. And that lighter whitish part that continues from the dried blood? That's where the nail bent backward.
Here's a close up:

It sure hurt!
After the incident, and once we'd finished moving the tables, the lead R.A. gave me some antibacterial ointment and some band-aids for my now-throbbing thumb. I don't know if either really helped, my thumb still hurts! Let's hope it heals quickly...


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ouch. I did something similiar yesterday on G's laundry basket. ugh. It looks like yours. On top of that pain (waaaaahhhh!) I have sore bowling muscles in my wrist and fingers. I don't think I can grip a pencil today. :(