Friday, July 26, 2013

Gigantour & Mayhem Fest

Gigantour with Megadeth, Black Label Society, The Hell Yeahs, Device, and others (I can't remember) was AWESOME!
Andrew rocks out so hard that those around him take notice and join in.  
We met some people who had front row tickets for the show and offered to take Andrew up for the first few songs when Megadeth was on.  We agreed, only because the guy had to come back for his girlfriend (Andrew was using her ticket to get up front).  Andrew, in usual fashion, managed to get the attention of the lead singer, Dave Mustane, who fist bumped him and gave him the set list for the show!
This kid has all the luck!!
We really had a great time, even if the show was slightly marred by stupid people getting in a fight near our seats during the Megadeth portion of the evening.  We're looking forward to going to Mayhem Fest this Sunday to see Rob Zombie and a bunch of other bands.  This is the year of awesome concerts!
The men rock it out!
We brought a beach ball,
the crowd enjoyed it.

This is the guy who took
Andrew up front
Andrew enjoys Megadeth!

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