Monday, July 8, 2013

Thank goodness for days off from work!

We had a nice 4th of July, spent with friends, a pool, and a BBQ.  I had to work that night though, so no firework viewing for me.  :(

The weekend found us at the Farmington Farmer's Market.  My friend Michele was selling her cookies there, so we visited her and got tasty goodies in the process.

Work was redonkulous last night - understaffed,had a nurse who was working two floors and refused to carry a phone so I could find him when I needed him, a patient fell (but was mostly unscathed - now where is that nurse?!) while their sitter was in the room with them (how does that happen?!), other patients think I'm their personal slave and should magically appear and be at their beck and call the moment they press their call button or shout out for me...  Seriously, I'm super glad to be away from that place for the next two days!  And I'm super glad that my coworker, who works the nights I'm not there, was willing to swap a day with me so I didn't have to work, have a night off, then work again, because that isn't really any time off because I come home and sleep until noon (at least) and then am up but go back to sleep in the evening/night, so I lose half a day.  :(

On the plus side, the fam and I are going to see Megadeath and Black Label Society tonight with one of Jason's coworkers and his fiancee.  Should be a good time (and I should go get ready).

Until next time, kiddies...

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